HANDCUFFS, her wish was his command!

Hey all, welcome to my blog. This post contains chapters from my debut novel, HANDCUFFS. For those who don't know about the book, it is a sinful romantic thriller. In short, an erotica. So, my advice is, if you are not comfortable with the genre, I believe you shouldn't scroll further to read it. But … Continue reading HANDCUFFS, her wish was his command!


Letter to my Half-Girlfriend

Dear Half-Girlfriend, I have always hated calling you that. Why can’t the word ‘half’ just disappear the way you do whenever the word relationship breaches our space. Maybe things are that way. Maybe they shall forever be. But then, I wonder you are not going to stay single forever, right? There comes my insecurity. You … Continue reading Letter to my Half-Girlfriend

Letter to my Love

Dear Love, How important is self-respect in a relationship? Frankly, I have never given it a thought. Not until now. There was a time when I just loved you without giving a thought or two about our mindset and compatibility. I just loved you blindly. That was a mistake. I should have seen things with … Continue reading Letter to my Love

A snippet from my novel, HANDCUFFS.

Kairav returned from his jog at around 6 a.m. Tashi was still sleeping. At times, he wondered, if she was the same girl he met for the first time in the clinic. She had changed. Far more than what she was like when he had met her initially. And what had he become now? He … Continue reading A snippet from my novel, HANDCUFFS.

What is HANDCUFFS all about?

Hey all, I am very glad to present you the blurb of my debut novel, HANDCUFFS. "Life has never been better for psychiatrist Kairav Nag who seems to have it all – charisma, fame, fortune and a flourishing career. Then enters the mysterious and enticing Tashi Mitra and his life is never the same again. … Continue reading What is HANDCUFFS all about?

Letter to You that I will never post!

Hey Dear, Sometimes, I do wonder what more that you wanted was less. You laughed at my jokes and shared your sadness. You looked up to me when there was no one to hold on to. We hang out together in the street food joints. We both were enough for each other and needed no … Continue reading Letter to You that I will never post!

My thoughts on BLACK SUITS YOU!

I am not any sort of a reviewer or critique. The sole idea of commenting on someone’s work, it’s too big a thing. A reviewer or critique should perhaps have an idea of what it takes to pen down a book no matter how marvelously plotted or how ridiculously sorted it is. With this sole … Continue reading My thoughts on BLACK SUITS YOU!

His watch

“Pray to the God before you leave for college, you have your results,” Rima had instructed me, as she always used to, whenever I had to perform any activity, or was to receive the results of the activity performed, “you have to wash your head while taking your bath, right?” she added. To her, washing … Continue reading His watch

Letter to the Instagrammer

Hello Instagrammer, This is weird. Really! I haven’t done anything like this before. I am not joking, I am serious. You still have no idea how long I have thought whether to do this or not, but then, we have got one life, so my obvious decision is to go for it, and that is … Continue reading Letter to the Instagrammer