A snippet from my novel, HANDCUFFS.


Kairav returned from his jog at around 6 a.m. Tashi was still sleeping. At times, he wondered, if she was the same girl he met for the first time in the clinic. She had changed. Far more than what she was like when he had met her initially. And what had he become now? He too had changed far more than what he had been initially. He was hers, but was she his?

He stood on his balcony. He was full of sweat now. He was catching his breath when his warm chest felt a cold hand. It was Tashi. She had gotten up.

“Had a good sleep?” Kairav asked, without looking at her.

“What do you think?”

“You looked fine to me.”

“Were you looking at me the whole night?” Tashi turned Kairav towards herself.

Kairav looked at Tashi’s face. Her eyes, though drowsy, were inviting. Her previous day’s kohl was smeared across her eyes, making them darker. Though they were worn out and needed to be cleaned, it, nevertheless, increased her desirability. They were not natural. Just a decoration added for attraction. Her light brown eyes and fair complexion were the natural luring factor, enough to bewitch anyone. And the mole right between her breasts increased her appeal. She was a tempting woman, ripe in her twenties.

Tashi greeted Kairav with a yawn. She had worn her purple nightgown that had fallen in front of the cupboard. She stretched both her hands to opposite corners, making the mole between her breasts, inches above her cleavage visible. Kairav’s eyes stopped on her mole. For a second, he looked at it. Tashi, seeing him looking at her mole, didn’t take a step to conceal his view.

“An early morning session, what say?” Tashi asked.

“Don’t you have to complete your book?” Kairav asked.

“This, right now, too is a part of my book.” She wove her fingers between Kairav’s sweaty hair, both were close enough, “Men get hard and the women get wet between their legs reading my stories Kairav, no matter how sinful they are, no matter how unforgivable they are, according to the society. But they don’t know that it’s you who makes me wet. It’s you who I imagine while writing my stories. You are the muse and the character. So, if this is happening between us, the book can wait. It will only make my experience better.”

“Do I have anything that will stop you from getting what you want?” Kairav sulked.

“Do you want to stop, Kairav?” she hushed. “Don’t forget, it’s you who made me a writer, an erotic one.”


I do hope you enjoyed reading it. Do pour in your precious feedbacks. Even if you don’t, I won’t mind it. I understand, silly. But don’t forget to block your date, the e-book releases on all the platforms this 13th April 2017. Stay connected to me and follow me on all social media platforms for exciting updates. Cheers!

Those who are new here and don’t know what my novel, HANDCUFFS, is all about, click here.


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