My thoughts on BLACK SUITS YOU!

I am not any sort of a reviewer or critique. The sole idea of commenting on someone’s work, it’s too big a thing. A reviewer or critique should perhaps have an idea of what it takes to pen down a book no matter how marvelously plotted or how ridiculously sorted it is.

With this sole idea in my mind, for the first time, I am going to pen down my thoughts on the book BLACK SUITS YOU by NOVONEEL CHAKRABORTY. I know that a review is somewhat of your personal thoughts on the book. But just for the sake of it, I would like to keep these words separate and not brand my thoughts as a review.


As the blurb say- Twenty-seven-year-old Kiyan Roy is the reclusive author of the bestselling erotica trilogy, Handcuffs. When he appears in public for the first time to promote his books, his readers fall in love with his good looks and wit. However, one of them gets too close. Kiyan is followed and seduced by a mysterious girl who pursues him across cities, book events, hotels, luncheons and media interviews. Soon, he becomes obsessed with her and falls for her charms. As Kiyan gets sucked deeper and deeper into this dark and twisted love affair, he is forced to surrender all control. His life and career slowly begin to unravel as this girl lead him down a dangerous path. But is it already too late to rectify his mistakes? Will the path to desire end in doom? Black Suits You is a gripping, fast-paced and clever psychosexual thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.

As seen in most of the reviews on this book, yes, the books is divided into three acts. I am not going to tell the name of the acts, it’s for you to read. Even the names of the acts are important, you know. But yes, there were lines in the book that could definitely be connected with. There were twists which you cannot expect. There were situations you cannot imagine. There were revelations you cannot anticipate.

Sticking to its lines in the blurb, the book is indeed a clever psychosexual thriller, which very easily implies its intensity of sex scenes, which are neither forced nor vulgar. It’s indeed very difficult for me to even talk a little about the book, as every other incident is connected to the next big situation in the book. To say, in simple words, the book is all about fame, control, and human tendencies. Somewhere in life, we forget where the limit lies and then comes the tipping point. Even saying this is like giving away too much information about the book.

The narrative of the story is compelling. You can’t really decide which side you are on. But towards the end, it’s all a myth and that’s the beauty of the author’s way of narration. It’s an illusion. You are bound to ignore the facts that have a huge impact on other character’s life. It’s a beauty, a real one, in fact. And once again, even these lines are going to give away the story. Frankly, to say, I am indeed helpless in even explaining my thoughts on the book since I have to choose my words precisely and carefully in order to not jeopardize the content that the author offers us.

If I talk about the characters, each and every one of them have a lot more depth than you can actually expect. They have a lot more intricacy than you can actually believe. What is and what is not, isn’t in your hand to figure out until and unless the author shows you so. As the author always claims, NEVER EVER OPEN THE LAST PAGE OF THE BOOK, is certainly true. So for your sake, DON’T!

Sometimes, while going through the books NOVONEEL CHAKRABORTY has written, I feel he is one of the most underrated authors in India. He definitely deserves more of it; certainly a lot more of it. And I am pretty sure they way he writes he is definitely going to be best in India in days that shall follow.

Coming to my rating or stars out of five, no! I am not going to rate the book, not because it didn’t meet my expectations but only because I am no one to judge his book or anyone’s as a matter of fact. All I would say is that I loved the book, enjoyed the book, got amazed by the tricky turns the story took and would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Buy Black Suits You here.


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