Letter to the Instagrammer

Hello Instagrammer,

This is weird. Really!

I haven’t done anything like this before. I am not joking, I am serious. You still have no idea how long I have thought whether to do this or not, but then, we have got one life, so my obvious decision is to go for it, and that is the sole reason you have got this message in your inbox. But still, it’s weird and I very well know it.

Keeping the weirdness apart, there must be a motive to write this blog-post, or to be more specific, this letter. Or else who does write these kinds of stuff. To tell you, I am not insane. I noticed you when you first liked my picture. On Instagram, obvious. I have this strange habit of walking into the profiles of the ones who likes my pictures on Instagram, okay not stalking exactly, but just taking a peek. And lo, you got my attention. But then you are from a separate world, I mean not from a separate world literally but a different surrounding, a different culture, a different study background and a different everything except the city; it’s Kolkata. So it’s apparent, you are virtually from a different world than the one I live in. And then, at that moment I, just like anyone sane, left your profile without waiting an extra second, believe me.

Recently I was at Novoneel’s session at Kolkata book fair, I know that you were there too, but after I saw your picture with him not before. That’s not the matter anyways; the peculiar thing was you liked two of my pictures I clicked with him. Well that’s common too. We do like pictures of people with celebrities. So, this time, I visited your profile again like I always do. And there I discovered that you were there with him. And that was the time, I took keen interest and surfed through your profile. I saw food! Personally speaking, I am a foodie. My friends know it very well. So I liked it, and then I found more food. And then a picture where you were looking adorable and then food and then a picture were you were looking super cute. I kept liking them and then I realized, “wouldn’t she feel weird that I am liking her pictures without actually following her?”

I left.

And then, a few hours later, my notifications showed you liking my picture in a row. I was happy that you didn’t feel weird. I thought that you were doing it as an act of courtesy, or maybe you did like my quotes and pictures. So in order to return this courtesy, I again liked some of your super cute pictures of both you and the food; I left out the non vegetarian ones for I am a veggie. I followed you after. I just felt like doing it. And then again, after few hours apparently, I saw you liking my pictures, and this happened two times that day.

I don’t know, but as far as I know you didn’t follow me, so you might probably have searched me, but I did feel good. And then I wanted to text you, just a “Hi,” “Hello,” or whatever but found that I was not able to do so. It just didn’t feel right. Maybe I am thinking too much about all these but this did occupy my mind, hence this blog post.

I said you already that this does feel weird. I hope you don’t feel weird while reading than I am feeling while writing. As I said you, that you belong from a different world from me and me different from yours, but we do share some mutual interests. I like reading, writing and eating same as you. But yeah when it comes to writing, I write fiction and you the reality around. And the reader in you encouraged me that you are going to read this post till the end. I hope the writing is okay, I am still learning.

So from here three things can happen, as I presume; four things can happen too, but unfortunately I don’t have any idea what that could be. Firstly, you become angry and feel disgusted about all this and close this blog as soon as your fingers allow you. And then you go ahead and block me on Instagram before you scold me (in typing). Secondly, you behave like any of this never actually happened by never replying me on your inbox. Lastly, you just reply with a “hi,” “hello,” or whatever you feel like where things can go from being strangers to friends.

This is basically everything that has been running in my mind lately. I know its weirdly funny but anyways.







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