Letters To My Ex

11164574_465888056891653_5819399173747657600_nRespected Ex,

You don’t actually deserve the word ‘respected,’ for it was the same reason you became my ex, but then you were my choice, I chose you over millions of girls in my age group, both here and overseas, breathing in this hostile world, so it’s okay. Many people share on facebook, one must not take permanent decisions based on temporary emotions; I am confused if I did one of the same mistakes. But then my emotion of love for you was permanent (sorry, is permanent), because I still love you, unfortunately. But what you did, yes, you fit perfectly into the quote above. Your love for me was temporary and you accepted my proposal, until and unless that boy came into your company through your sister. You did the mistake and I am the one to suffer your isolation. You said me, I very well remember, he was just a friend to you. I didn’t say a word. I had read many posts saying that one must give her girlfriend ample space and blah blah blah…Now I realize that the space I gave you was ample enough to wither away from my memories to settle down in his.

I don’t blame him. I blame YOU.

That poor boy didn’t even know about our relationship. You could have said him. But you didn’t. I very well remember when I asked, “Why didn’t you say that you had a boyfriend? You had me!” You very smartly replied, “Why do I need to say him? Who is he? No body. I have only said this to the ones who matter the most in my life.”

You knew that he was hitting on you. Didn’t you? The very idea of portraying yourself single before him excited you, didn’t it? You knew that he, knowing you as single, will get more courage for further advances. At the same time, it will give you more liberty to roam in his company. What we had was a distance relationship, and in your city you were a free single open for proposals.

See, the person you said is a no body, is now holding you like he owns you and you lay in his arms smiling with pleasure. I still don’t blame him. I can’t call you a bitch or slut or whatever. I loved you, and I love you still. But still, you are one of the world’s biggest…mmm…never mind.

You know, it’s been four months; I still have all of your messages, more than 7,000! Can you imagine? How can you? Oh, I forgot, how could you have done this? If at all you could imagine, you could have as well imagined how I would feel after having known that you, my little flower, the sweetest fragrance of my life, cheated on me, stamping my heart with you tons weighed paws, filling my life with odorous spills.

The letter I am writing to you, you know, it’s not that I am trying to expose you before millions. Many don’t even know that you actually did exist in my life. You asked me not to and I had stick to it. The sole reason I am writing this letter is because, deep inside these words hurt me, and they scar my already scarred heart. You know, when I sit alone I just remember one thing, of how you used to tell me that you cannot love anyone in this world other than me. Now you say you cannot live without him.

Tell me, are you going to leave him, too? If you do, then please call me. Okay that was way too desperate, but then this is the fact. I am way too desperate for a bitch like you. Sorry. But you deserved it, don’t you think?

More letters will follow.




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